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Summer Lesson DLC ‘Day Out’ Launches January 12 In Japan

Bandai Namco Entertainment announced new DLC expansion for their game Summer Lesson: Hikari Miyamoto, available now for PlayStation VR in Japan.

The New DLC  titled Day Out will launch on January 12 for 1,490 yen. This event takes the player outdoors with Hikari-chan to soak up some rays and enjoy a nice day of physical activity.

Summer Lesson DLC ‘Day Out’ Launches January 12 In Japan

Players will be able to give a lesson on physical fitness that utilize the game’s new touch experience. If Hikari-chan gets tired players are about to hand her a drink or give her a fan to cool down.

Here are the Details of Day Out DLC – readmore @ Gematsu

A New Place with a Midsummer Atmoshpere

The add-on pack allows you to go to a shrine on a hill where you can get a full view of the blue sky and sea. You’ll feel as though you’ve truly gone on a trip when you experience the pleasant view and scenic beauty in virtual reality. With this place as the setting, “Day Out” will allow you to enjoy a new lesson and new events with Hikari Miyamoto.

New Lesson: “Physical Training”

As part of your lesson plan, you’ll be able to choose a new subject in the form of “Physical Training,” which has a favorable influence on Hikari Miyamoto’s “will-power” value. There are two kinds of lessons within “Physical Training
—“Practice-Swinging” and “Sit-Ups”—which offer new touch experiences.

New Outdoor-Exclusive Events

During your breaks from exercising, situations such as “passing Hikari a drink” and “fanning Hikari” will occur as in-game events. The fan is linked to the controller, allowing you to send her a nice breeze while watching her expression and reaction.

New Outfits for Outdoor Exercise

A new “Sportswear” outfit has been added, allowing you to proceed through your lesson while Hikari wears a sporty outfit suited to her energetic personality.

Post-Event Added to the Best Ending

When acquiring the highest rank ending (clear rank S), a scene where the two of you talk on a bench at the shrine has been added as a post-event to the ending.


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