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Sniper Elite 4 Gets New ‘Intel’ Series Trailer

Sniper Elite series  Developer Rebellion Developments released its second trailer in its ongoing “Intel” Series for its upcoming game Sniper Elite 4. The second trailer notably details the game’s protagonist: Karl Fairbune.

Following on from its first story teaser earlier this month, this Fairburne-focussed preview examines the protagonist’s skillset—a catalogue of traits the narrator explains makes him the “perfect SOE agent.”

Sniper Elite 4 Gets New ‘Intel’ Series Trailer

Fairbune’s father, a British man, was at some point in his career reassigned to Washington D.C. when Karl was still a child, which explains his American accent. A graduate of West Point, Fairburne’s sniping expertise “was the stuff of legend,” and as a result, when the British Government formed the SOE, Fairbune was a natural choice.

Sniper Elite 4, is set to launch worldwide on February 14, 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. If you pre-order the game, you will gain exclusive access to the bonus mission  Target: Führer .

check out the new trailer:


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