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Seasons of Heaven Gets New Trailer For Nintendo Switch

The first full length trailer for the Nintendo Switch exclusive Seasons of Heaven has landed and it looks amazing. The newly announced game follows a boy and his dog as they travel across a barren wasteland after a majority of the human race was wiped out. It runs in Unreal Engine 4 and is developed by Any Arts Production.

Seasons of Heaven Gets New Trailer For Nintendo Switch

The game is based on a French novel of the same name by Nico Augusto and will follow a group of survivors in a barren, beautiful post-apocalyptic world.

No gameplay footage or or details have yet been released, mentioned that the two playable characters will each have different gameplay mechanics. Seasons of Heaven is being developed with Unreal Engine 4, making it one of the first games on Nintendo’s new hardware to use the engine.

Check out the trailer down below Seasons of Heaven

A full trailer for the game will follow early next week, while has promised an exclusive interview with the developers, where more explicit information will be revealed. Seasons of Heaven is currently without a release date. Follow our blog for more details.

Source : Gameblog


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