Rumour : Mani Yugi TOKOYO Is Coming to New 3DS and Switch

STUDIO TOKOYO’s Shooter game Mani Yugi TOKOYO is one of the best action shooter game which debuted at 4th BitSummit  Is Coming to New 3DS and Switch.

The game made its debut at BitSummit 4th and was originally expected to arrive on the New Nintendo 3DS at the end of this year, but STUDIO TOKOYO put a stop to development and turned to Japanese crowdfunding site Campfire to raise funds.

Mani Yugi TOKOYO Is Coming to New 3DS and Switch

The Mani Yugi TOKOYO  project is looking for ¥2,000,000 by 7 March 2017 with the minimum reward for a 3DS version being a ¥3,000 donation. Would you like to see this come to the west, and perhaps the Switch? Let us know by shooting over a comment below.

Trailer for the New 3DS version of Mani Yugi TOKOYO 


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