Reddit Promotional AD Leaks The Evil Within 2 Announcement

A few people have confirmed seeing this ad run on Reddit just now. Seems it’ll be at Bethesda’s conference tomorrow and this ad was pushed a bit early.

First reported by Reddit users, then on NeoGAF, the advertisement appeared as a promoted post in the r/PS4 subreddit.

Reddit Promotional AD Leaks The Evil Within 2 Announcement

Here are some of the Hyped Comments :

Lonely1 – Hope is not too far off and is more polished than the first one. With all its faults, I liked the first one and improving upon it has potential for greatness.

takoyak   – Great news! The first one is flawed but I loved it.
Good to know that it will definitely be shown off at the Bethesda event, some were expecting it last year and left disappointed.

Lulubop – Leaving that trash engine is gonna do a lot of good. The real RE4 sequel incoming

Neiteio  – YESSSSSSSSS    First one was my Goty Can’t wait to see what they do next


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