The official trailer for Attack on Titan’s second season

Funimation has released the official trailer for Attack on Titan’s second season, The new trailer, which can be seen down below , starts with an army of titans walking menacingly toward human civilization. As seen in the trailer, there’s been a breach in the Wall Rose, the second outermost wall protecting the citizens of the Chlorba District, the Karanese District and the Trost District.

 Attack on Titan’s second season

Main characters are back again in fighting form  Eren, Mikasa and Armin , taking out titan after titan with their various maneuvering techniques. One of the most important moments in the trailer, however, features a couple of new titans that fans should acquaint themselves with.

Check out the trailer : Attack on Titan’s second season

In one of the better scenes, a big , fury titan can be seen catapulting a horse toward a member of the Survey Corps, the team most directly involved in fighting the titans.Attack on Titan’s second season doesn’t have a specific release date at this time, but Funimation, who maintain the series stateside, has confirmed that it will premiere in April 2017.

source : Funimation


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