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Nioh Free Updates and First DLC Details

Team Ninja, Nioh dev is now at work on new content both free and paid that will start to roll out soon. Koei Tecmo shared details on the next couple free Nioh updates and the first downloadable content during a live stream.

According to a translation by Gematsu, both free updates and the first of several paid DLC packs were discussed during the live stream.


The next free updates are as follows:

  • Late March – High-difficulty missions added. There are 10 types of missions, including missions with the feel of boss rushes.
  • Late April – PvP implemented.

The first downloadable content, “Dragon of The North,” will launch in late April and add the following:

  • New weapon types
  • New scenarios
  • New characters
  • New guardian spirits
  • New yokai
  • New stages

The second downloadable content will be called “Japan’s Best Warrior,” and the third, “Peaceful and Tranquil.” It adds new weapon types, scenarios, guardian spirits, stages, characters, and yokai. It be will followed by two more packs, all three of which are included in the $25 season pass.

Koei Tecmo also announced that, as an apology for shortages of the game in Japan, they’re extending the period which users can obtain the free “Armor of Japan’s Best Warrior” costume in Japan from February 22 to March 1.

Thnaks – Gematsu 


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