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NiOh Final Demo Releasing on January 21st

Koei Tecmo will release the final demo for Nioh in Japan on the PlayStation Store on January 21 at midnight JST., the company announced. It will only be playable for 48 hours, until January 22 at 23:59 JST.

The demo will include improvements from the beta version according to the feedback received from players.

  • Tutorial Missions: “Basic Action Controls” and “Action Practical Use Controls”
  • Futamata Stage: “Thoughts on the Week of the Equinox”
  • Futamata Stage Twilight Mission: “Blood-Soaked Hell Flowers”
  • Muneshige Tachibana One-VS-One Mission: “Peerless of the West Invitation”
  • Online Multiplayer: “Visitors Summon” and “Yokai Realm with a Companion”

NiOh’s Final Demo Releasing on January 21st

Users who clear the final demo will receive the following bonuses:

  • “Ogress Mask”
  • “Ogress Mask Recipe”
  • “Onryoma Helmet” (the Alpha demo and Beta demo clear bonus)
  • “Hinoenma Helmet” (the Beta demo clear bonus)

Luckily, you can still play the Japanese version by using a PSN account, and if you still need to make one. You can check dualshockers guide for that.

NiOh will release in North America on February 7th, published directly by Sony Interactive Entertainment. European gamers will have to wait until February 8th, while Japanese gamers  will get the game last, on February 9th.


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