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Nintendo officially Announced Dragon Quest XI for Switch

Nintendo made first official mention of a Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time in a blog post on its official Japanese website today.

In an article sharing the new footage debuted at Jump Festa 2017 this weekend, the end of the post mentions, “It should be noted that this title is also planned for release on Nintendo Switch.” We’re just sharing this information in case any  Switch owners were concerned after the game was dated for a 2017 release in Japan on PlayStation 4 and 3DS this weekend.

Gamespoiler + Titbits

Square Enix revealed the opening movie, new details, and new gameplay footage of Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time during a Jump Festa 2017 stage event. The developers showed off the game running on both the PS4 and the 3DS as well as the game’s opening cinematic.

The developers also released the official descriptions and images of the game’s protagonist as well as the companion, Camus. Readmore

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