New Teaser Trailer For Gravity Rush Anime

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan has revealed a new trailer for the new anime based on the Gravity Rush franchise.  (  Gravity Rush Anime )

Gravity Rush The Animation: Overture is reportedly a 15-20 minute long anime that is poised to help bridge the stories between both games. Featured above, you can view the new teaser for the show.

New Teaser Trailer For Gravity Rush Anime

The Gravity Rush anime is set to launch on December 26th, 1AM Japan time. Western anime fans will also get a anime prior to the launch of Gravity Rush 2, however details haven’t been shared at the time of publication.

Checkout the Teaser Trailer Down Below : 

Incase if you missed checkout the footage of Gravity Rush 2 on Nico Nico Livestream hosted by Famitsu. The new gameplay footage introducing the game’s online elements. Read more

Gravity Rush 2 is launching in Europe on January 18th, Japan on January 19th, and in North America on January 20th, for PlayStation 4.

GameSpoiler+ Titbits : 

  • Online events occur during gameplay. An event’s point of occurrence can be checked on the map.
  • Photo Review” allows you to evaluate photos taken by other players. Other players may also evaluate photos taken by you. Through photo evaluation, you’ll be able to earn points called “Dusty Tokens.” (There are also other ways to acquire Dusty Tokens.) Each time you surpass a certain number of Dusty Tokens, rewards will be unlocked.
  • “Treasure Hunting” sees a considerable number of treasures hidden throughout the map. Players who find treasure can take a photograph of the area and offer it to other players as a hint. The player who receives the offer can then seek out the treasure while relying on that hint. Read more 

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