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New Assassin’s Creed To Be Revealed At E3

The new Assassin’s Creed game that Ubisoft confirmed today during its earnings briefing, may be formally announced at E3. Ubisoft ttweeted today, informing fans to “stay tuned for E3.”

The image included in the tweet shows the famous Assassin’s Creed logo and the tag line, “Make history”

New Assassin's Creed To Be Revealed At E3

Ubisoft has yet to announce when its E3 briefing will take place this year, though history suggests that it’ll take place on the afternoon of Monday, June 12.

RUMOR : The game is said to be set in the vast open world of Ancient Egypt. Its story apparently features two main characters—a man and a woman—and revolves around the original Assassin’s guild.  WWG compared the game  to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Gameplay itself is said to place greater emphasis on exploration and offer more freedom over previous Assassin’s Creed titles. The world is apparently “huge” in scope, with it said to be the biggest Assassin’s Creed game to date. Naval combat will reportedly also return, allowing players to travel beyond Egypt, possibly even as far as Greece.

“New Assassin’s Creed : Origin Rumor Suggests The Game features two protagonists and naval combat”


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