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Mafia 3 Gets PS4 Pro Support : Bumps resolution up to 1440p

Mafia 3 was last updated back in December, eveloper Hangar 13 has stealth launched a PS4 Pro update via patch 1.05

Digital Foundry has picked up on the Pro support and offered its findings over on Eurogamer. The major changes are a bump in resolution to 1440p, along with improved shadows and motion blur, and improved shadows. Curiously, such enchantments and PS4 support are not even mentioned in the patch notes.

  • Resolution: 1440p
  • Additional features: 1080p super-sampling, minor shadow quality, motion blur and draw distance tweaks
  • HDR: No

Mafia 3 Gets PS4 Pro Support : Bumps resolution up to 1440p

“Visual improvements consist of two minor upgrades – motion blur benefits from more samples, giving a cleaner, smoother look. Shadow quality also gets a small upgrade, but it seems to be limited to spotlight shadows. Overall though, the game’s graphical make-up seems much the same – though it seems that LODs have had a minor tweak with road markings drawing in at a greater range on Pro.” – DigitalFoundary


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