Gravity Rush 2 Review

Gravity Rush 2 is absolutely awesome, one of the biggest gaming surprises we had in years. The game is really fun to play. Checkout out our full review down below with the sequel opening.

The sequel opens with our protagonist Kat – who’s unfortunately lost her powers – and her friend Syd stuck in a floating backwater mining settlement called Banga, and missing her space kitty partner Dusty, as well as fellow gravity shifter Raven, Kat comes to terms with living life as a miner in the Banga settlement with Syd. Taken in by Lisa and made to work, Kat and Syd live in the hope that they can get back to Hekseville; until Kat finds Dusty with the help of Cecie and her powers return. But the looming threat of the Nevi appearing from gravity storms again and Kat and Syd return to form to save the day.

  • Developer: Project Siren
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive
  • Game : Gravith Rush 2
  • Version reviewed: PS4

The game looks more vibrant and much more colorful,

Gravity Rush was a unique game, when it was originally released to PSVita. The gaming mechanics are little bit different ( Especially controlling the gravity ). But the gameplay is quite interesting and good.

Now, The Gravity Rush improved with the move from PSvita to Playstation 4. the controls are felling much better when compared to the PsVita. The game looks more vibrant and much more colorful, Thanks to the processing power of the Playstation 4. The floating city of Jirga para Lhao is now 2.5 times larger than the original one, there is much to explore in the gravity rush 2.

Gravity Rush 2 Review

The sound track of this game is pretty good. Each section of each area has its own background sound track. The songs in the game are really good to hear. Voice work comes in only one language, but it is not a real language. It sounds like a strange combination of Japanese and French. Not all cut scenes are voiced too.

Gravity Rush 2 Review

The game visuals are stunning. The floating Island is awesome and the kat’s power is damn ! The new areas of the game is pretty impressive. Some of the heaving action story scenes are done with simple cut scene, A lot are told through comic book like scenes. The comic book visuals are minimal and they are pretty good actually.

Gravity Rush 2 Review

If you are new to gravity rush 2, the controls may feel little bit weird to you, the but the fact is the controls are damn easy to use. The game slowly introduces to the power (kat’s Power).

The biggest use of this ability ( gravity shifting ) is in being able to transverse the game open world areas. Simply setting the gravity to the upward direction will send the Kat falling in to the sky. She can fall side ways or any which ways to get around.

Kat can handle gravity, and by pressing the R1, She’ll start to float. There are two gravity styles, Lunar and Jupiter, adds speed or power depends on which one you are using, you can fly through the air and attack enemies. Stasis fields are freaking awesome, you can suck near by objects and using them against the enemies. All of your abilities can be upgraded, for that you need to collect the games. The gems and treasures can be found in a round shaped boxes around the town.

Gravity Rush 2 Review

The online/Multiplayer functionality introduces to the Photo Mode. It allows you to take photos of kat or your surrounding nearby, you can upload these photos to gain tokens, which can be used for in game rewards. Online events occur during gameplay. An event’s point of occurrence can be checked on the map.

Treasure Hunting sees a considerable number of treasures hidden throughout the map. Players who find treasure can take a photograph of the area and offer it to other players as a hint. The player who receives the offer can then seek out the treasure while relying on that hint.

Challenge Missions allow you to compete with other players (their ghosts) around the world. You can also send challenge invitations.  You’ll sometimes discover “things left behind” in the Mines. These are of other players who have fallen in the Mines. If you die in the Mines, you’ll drop half of the ores and such that you’re carrying, and the player who finds your them will be able to take them.


Let me conclude this review The game is really good and fun to play. The visuals are stunning and the audio tracks are impressive. Gravity Rush 2 is absolutely awesome, one of the biggest gaming surprises we had in years. The controls and gameplay mechanics may feel weird to many gamers, but the game is worth to play.



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