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First trailer for Alto’s Odyssey

We finally have our first look at the sequel to Alto’s Adventure. Today developer Snowman released the very first trailer for Alto’s Odyssey

The teaser trailer shows a desert-like setting, looking very much like the first teaser artwork for the game that was posted in December 2016. The end of a trailer shows what looks like a sand boarder jumping off a hot air balloon to begin his trek on the hills of the desert.

The sequel to Alto’s Adventure is set to launch this summer,it definitely looks like this sequel is maintaining the same minimalist art style and themes of Alto’s Adventure, with snow changing to sand. So far, there is no word on which platforms will be available for the launch of Alto’s Odyssey.

If you haven’t tried the original Alto’s Adventure yet, it’s currently on sale for $1.99 to celebrate the game’s second anniversary. And if you’re on Android, it’s free-to-play.



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