Dragon Quest XI details protagonist, Maps, worlds and more

Nintendo made first official mention  of Dragon Quest XI : In Search of Departed Time in a blog post on its official Japanese website, today Square Enix has released new Dragon Quest XI : In Search of Departed Time details and screenshots introducing the game’s protagonist, his reliable partner Camus.

The screenshots, that you can check out down below, features another look at the characters, including the hero’s childhood friend Ema and his travelling companion Camus.

Dragon Quest XI PS4 Version :

On PlayStation 4, flowers, every tree, flowing waterfalls, and monsters are vividly expressed in vast and beautiful fields. The lives of people in settlements are also displayed in full detail.

Dragon Quest XI details

Dragon Quest XI 3DS Version :

On 3DS, you’ll see “3D Mode” on the top screen and “2D mode” on the bottom screen simultaneously at the start of your adventure. While progressing through the adventure, you’ll be given chances to select the mode again, and you’ll also be able to switch by going to a specific place.

Dragon Quest XI

Game Battles : 

The game’s battle follow the 30 year-long tradition of the series. On PS4 both the party and monsters will be displayed in full 3D graphics during battles. On 3DS if you use 3D Mode you’ll also see both the party and the monsters rendered in a 3D image, while in 2D Mode, they will appear like in classic Dragon Quest games.

Dragon Quest XI


Characters :

Protagonist (You)

A young man who lives in the calm village of Ishi. The protagonist, who began a coming-of-age ceremony when he turned 16, learns an astonishing truth. He is the reincarnation of the “hero” that once saved the world, someone who carries the burden of a major mission .Who is the hero? What is his mission? In order to confirm his destiny with his own eyes, the protagonist leaves his hometown and sets foot in the vast outside world.

Dragon Quest XI

The protagonist. He watches over the people of the warm Ishi Village, where you grew up soundly. On the day he turns 16, the curtain raises on the story of Dragon Quest XI.

The protagonist has a birthmark on his left hand. In times of crisis, the birthmark glows and a mysterious power awakens.


We also meet Ema, a childhood friend of the hero Emma, a close childhood friend of the protagonist, who was born on the same day as him. She is the one that first sees the seal on the left hand of the hero.

Dragon Quest XI details

Camus :

The third character is Camus, the hero’s most trust worthy friend . They meet while traveling, and while Camus is rude in his behavior and speech, he has a loyal heart. As a partner used to the ways of the world, he supports and guides the novice protagonist.

Dragon Quest XI

Game Worlds :


Dragon Quest XI is set in the world of Lotozetasia. A sacred tree, “The Great Tree of Life,” is said to be the source of all life that created this vast world. The Tree of Life floats at the center of the continent, and it is said that a brave hero can communicate with the Tree if he proves worthy

Dragon Quest XI

Ishi village

The Ishi village is the hero’s hometown, located in a quiet corner of a valley. Its people live peacefully while worshipping the spirits of the earth.

Rock of gods 

Those who reach sixteen years of age have to perform the ritual of coming of age by climbing a mountain named Rock of the Gods, to offer prayers to the spirits of the earth who reside there.

Dragon Quest XI Specs

  • Game Title: Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time
  • Genre: RPG
  • Supported Systems: PlayStation 4, 3DS
  • Players: 1
  • Release Date: 2017
  • Price: TBA
  • CERO Rating: TBA

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