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Digimon World: Next Order Gets New Gameplay Trailer

Bandai Namco released a new gameplay trailer for Digimon World: Next Order “Unhatch Your Destiny.” coming to PlayStation 4 on January 27 in Europe and January 31 in North America.

The trailer also revealed new character, Boltbautamon (ボルトバウタモン) is a product of Piedmon absorbing Myotismon, which created a new demon-type Digimon whose goal is to get rid of all light in the world by engulfing it with darkness.

Its special attack “Balaziwaltzer” (バラズィヴァルツァー)  is a powerfuk magic attack launched from its sword named “Spiedini” (スピエディーニ).


The trailer shows off gameplay from the upcoming RPG and how players will be able to truly become the digidestined they’ve always wanted to be.

Digimon World: Next Order is due out for PlayStation 4 in Europe on January 27, in North America on January 31, and in Japan as Digimon World: Next Order International Edition on February 26.


For the first time ever in the series, explore the Digital World with not one, but TWO Digimon partners!

Choose between a male or female protagonist

Digimon World: Next Order Gets New Gameplay Trailer


Raise, train, feed, discipline, etc. in real-time to form strong bonds with your Digimon companions. Every interaction & activity matters.


Strong bonds with your partners is key – train your Digimon to excel in AI battles on their own.

Cooperation & synchronization between your partners and their feelings will

increase your chances of winning. Shout commands and cheer them to victory!


If your Digimon bonds are strong enough, trigger the ExE Evolution to merge them into a new stronger monster!


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