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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare 1.08 Patch Notes

Game developer Infinity Ward releases the 1.08 patch update for its FPS title Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Infinity Ward, key developer for the Call of Duty franchise, released a full list of notes detailing the enhancements and additions included in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare update. Posted by Infinity Ward’s Community Manager Ashton Williams in a Reddit thread.

Here is the patch overview :

Complete new missions to achieve Commander Ranks!

Each Mission Team now goes up to Rank 100! Once you hit that level 50 rank, you’ll go on to chase after a Commander rank until you reach Mission Team Commander Rank 100!

New ranks better rewards, so Commander Ranks will reward you MKII versions of Mission Team-only Prototype weapons once achieved. You can also craft more! Commander Ranks reward salvage every level you rank up as long as that level isn’t giving you a MKII Prototype reward.

Features Update

• Leaderboards – Today!

• Combat Record – Late February

• Emblem Editor – Late February

Featured Content and What’s New

• 2XP and 2X Weapon XP in MP and Zombies until February 3rd (all platforms)

• Hyper Team Deathmatch until February 3rd: Payload charge rates are bumped to 7x their normal speed (all platforms)

• Call of Duty World League Personalization Pack

• Barracks now include a section for Medals

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare 1.08 Patch Notes

General Fixes

• Added ability for both splitscreen players to change their own Missions in the lobby before a match starts

• Safeguard against jitter mod exploits

• Defender: Fix for exploit that could occur if a player using Rewind spawns on a newly spawned Defender drone, allowing the player to carry their gun as they carry the drone

• Adjusted Taunt menu to wrap to the bottom of the list

• During the final killcam, the team emblem shown was the emblem of the user who died rather than the player who got the kill. This has been fixed.

• Hardcore Search and Destroy: Fix for “Friendly Fire is not Tolerated” displaying after every round for the remainder of the game

• Added ability to equip Calling Card and emblem after acquiring them from a Supply Drop

• Camo challenges involving Direct Impact kills with the Howitzer were not tracking. This has been fixed.

• Various updates to weapon camos

• Fix for players SPM not being calculated correctly in some instances

• Camo adjustment for the MK2 R3k not covering the right side of the weapon

• Allow players to skip Mission Team videos even if it’s their first time seeing them

• Fix for the KBS Harbinger reload animation playing twice while holding down both triggers

• Fixed an issue where the Jammer Grenade was not damaging scorestreaks correctly

• Fixed an error a player would receive when attempting to edit a class with the OSA

• Fix for an issue where players with akimbo weapons were immune to the Steel Dragon


• Fix for team colors not appearing the proper shade

• Added CWL specific game mode icons

• Fix for Cold Blooded not affecting Thermal Scope for Casters (Xbox)

• Adjusted the position of the gamemode icon so the Uplink image does not stretch

• Removing the required number of players for CWL matches

• Allow for multiple casters in the same lobby


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