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Apocalypse Now Videogame Kickstarter Campaign Launched

Apocalypse Now director, producer, and co-writer Francis Ford Coppola, and a team of veteran developers have taken to Kickstarter seeking $900,000 to fund the development of a video game adaptation of the 1979 movie.

The original film was based on the 1899 novella by Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness, and takes its audience on a journey through the horrors of the Vietnam War through the eyes of Captain Benjamin Willard. From book, to film, and now to game, the story’s director Francis Ford Coppola gave his perspective on the game’s development.

“Forty years ago, I set out to make a personal art picture that could hopefully influence generations of viewers for years to come. Today, I’m joined by new daredevils, a team who want to make an interactive version of Apocalypse Now, where you are Captain Benjamin Willard amidst the harsh backdrop of the Vietnam War. I’ve been watching videogames grow into a meaningful way to tell stories, and I’m excited to explore the possibilities for Apocalypse Now for a new platform and a new generation.”

At its base funding, the game will be released for PC. If it pulls in at least $2.5 million, it will also come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and at $3 million, virtual reality. The team believes the game can be in early access by 2019 and have an official release in 2020.


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