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Ace Combat 7 rated for PS4 in Taiwan

The Taiwan Game Software Rating Information board has rated Ace Combat 7 for PlayStation 4. Ace Combat 7 is due out in 2017.

Here are the ratings :

  • Product Name (Chinese): Ace Combat 7
  • Product Name (original): the ACE COMBAT. 7
  • Maker: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. (South Korea)
  • Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. (South Korea)
  • Agency: Taiwan Bandai Namco Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
  • Listing Date: unlisted
  • Game Platform: PS4
  • Game Rating: auxiliary 15
  • Game plot: Violence
  • Genre: Shooting
  • Official website:

Ace Combat 7 Playstation VR Gameplay

GameSpoiler + Titbits :

  • At first, we were only going to create a light PlayStation VR mode in the main story, but we miscalculated (laughs). The main story and PlayStation VR content follow two completely different lines.
  • Aya Tamaki (Summer Lesson producer and director) is the assistant producer. A year has passed in going through trial and error for various particulars.
  • As for the scenario, it has the image of Ace Combat 5, but the taste may be closer to Ace Combat 04.
  • Ace Combat 04 is told from the perspective of a young man, and Ace Combat 5 is a road story in which the player themselves is included. In Ace Combat 7, the scenario advances from the combined perspectives of various characters.
  • Various “comparisons” make up the theme this time. Unmanned and manned air crafts, older pilots and the player… The appearance of the F-104 will be of high significance to the story.
  • The setting is the world of Ace Combat 04 and Ace Combat 5, 10 years after Ace Combat 5. There will also be things for users who played Ace Combat 5. Of course, if this is your first Ace Combat, you’ll also be fine.
  • The names of places and such that have appeared in the series so far will be explained throughout the story. We also want people who don’t know much about fighter planes to pick up this game.

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